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Dance in Place workshop

Inbal believes that places and sites can inspire movement and choreography in a creative and thrilling manner, therefore an essential part of her repertoire consists of site-specific dance works. 

Dance-in-Place combines theoretical and hands-on knowledge of dance in unconventional spaces.

It offers an inspiring experience for dancers, performers, actors, choreographers and other professional participants as well as for non-professional ones and amateurs.

Starting from the theory of site-specific dance, Inbal takes the participant through the process of choosing a location and then creating dance and movement that is discovered through observation and creative dialogue with the place chosen.The workshop can take place in urban areas and public spaces such as parks, nature, buildings, schools etc. At the last part of the workshop the group moves from one site to the other and watches each other’s short dance works, sharing feedback and insights. 

Dance-in-Place expands the participants’ horizons and makes them look at movement, dance and their surroundings in a new, fresh and creative way.

Dance In Place. site-specific workshop

Diversity and Contrast In Dance Workshop

Inbal Oshman’s choreographic research always delves into contrasts, diversity, and contradictions

- in our movement and in our state of mind alike. While opposites may look far from each other, exploring them discovers the connection and inevitable link between them. 

“One of the most essential challenges in dance is the transition between contrasting qualities of body and mind,” says Inbal. “In this workshop, we explore the aspect of transition, of being in between,

as well as reaching the extreme.

This exploration reveals hidden qualities in the dancers’ physical and mental abilities.” 

Using materials from her own repertoire, Inbal teaches and guides the participants in the ways contrasts can expand our creativity and can be used as a choreographic tool; how they can lead us on an artistic exploration to find unverbal layers in our dance. 

Diversity and Contrast In Dance. 

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